Llanerchaeron uncovered

Welcome to the very first post from the Llanerchaeron blog.

These musings, anecdotes, advice and views from staff and volunteers intends to shine a light on the work that goes on ‘behing the scenes’ at this special National Trust property as well as introduce you to all the different characters that work to keep this property open to the public

The first post will come from our House Steward Paddy Trenter who has recently been busy trying to keep the recent torrential rain from flooding the villa!

Hi I’m Paddy and I am the House Steward at Llanerchaeron. This role involves ensuring that all the conservation needs of the villa and collections at Llanerchaeron are undertaken, so we can ensure Llanerchaeron can be presented at its best for many years to come.

Although the doors are closed and the open season seems a distant memory we are busy working behind the scenes to maintain the high standard we set ourselves and working on an exciting new project with the P M Ward collection.

During the winter months the house is ‘put to bed’ which is the term we use for cleaning, checking and covering the furniture before sealing the rooms closed. As we have around 30,000 visitors a year we have to ensure that we look after the contents to prevent them from wear and tear. We also monitor for insects to make sure we don’t have any woodworm, carpet beetles or other pests eating the collection. By closing the house in the winter we can also cover all of the objects and close the shutters as the sunlight does irreversible damage to collections. Light levels, temperature and humidity are all monitored to ensure we are keeping the collections in the best condition we can.

The closed season also gives us the opportunity to work on projects. We are currently planning an exciting new project with the P M Ward collection.
More information about this will be available soon, but in the meantime have a look at http://www.nationaltrustcollections.org.uk/ to see the pieces we have at Llanerchaeron from the comfort of your own home.

The flower mold in need of repair

Paddy repairs the mold with some plaster



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