It’s definitely bracken and balsam month! We have been busy clearing Himalayan Balsam, on the estate at Llanerchaeron, at Henllan Woods and at Penbryn. It’s like walking through a tropical jungle at Penbryn at the moment and our volunteers certainly had a difficult time of it, though at least the balsam does stand out.

Penbryn balsam




It’s slow going as there is so much of it but we are slowly getting through it.

We have continued with the Dolphin Watch at Mwnt, though unfortunately we didn’t get to see the killer whale that was sighted off the coast last week. The bracken has been getting cleared as well and we finished clearing our 6 trial plots last week in the hope of working out which method works best for future management.

I had a couple of weeks off in July but the volunteers cracked on with the work. Thanks to Gordon for keeping everything going. They replaced a couple more gate posts and repaired some fencing. They cleared lots of balsam, laurel and rhododendron regrowth in the woods at Llanerchaeron. As well as clearing bracken at Rhos Cwmsaeson and Cwm Soden. We have a couple more days planned at both those sites to finish off.

We have the help of some Duke of Edinburgh students in August so hopefully we can get the bracken and balsam cleared by the end of the season.

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