We started the month on the Llanerchaeron estate putting in a 12ft 6 gate – we made sure the posts were in very securely for that one as it weighed an absolute tonne.

The following day however saw us take things a bit more leisurely as we had a day out to the Dyfi Osprey project – it just happened to be National Volunteers Week and we wanted to say a big thank you for all the hard work our volunteers have put in over the recent months. We had an amazing day and saw some excellent flying displays by the ospreys in the area. For those that know me by now I am a little bit of an osprey addict..


It was off to Mwnt the next day to start our season of Dolphin Watch. We will be doing this every Thursday between 11am and 1pm as part of a rota system of Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 11am and 5pm. We have other volunteers helping us out but there are spaces so if you are interested then please let us know.

We are also making the most of our time at Mwnt undertaking bracken clearance on the slopes above the beach. It’s lovely to see the flowers that have been growing under its foliage hit the light and positively bloom!photo 2

photo 1

It is with sadness we had to say goodbye to Mounir as he had to go back to France unexpectedly. We wish him well for the future. We have however had 2 new volunteers join us. Garvey and Luke are with us on a 6 week placement having just finished their first year at Aberystwyth University. They have fitted in really well and are cracking on with all the tasks.

This has included the start of the Himalayan Balsam clearing season. We have already done some at Henllan Woods, where we also continuing with the Laurel regrowth; on the Llanerchaeron estate, along the river; and at Penbryn where we did a bit of gorge walking to get to some of it. We still have plenty more to do but will plug away at it.

The volunteers also took part in a flower ID day with the Magnificent Meadows project.

We also had a curious incident with a dead seal at Mwnt. It had got washed up and it was too big to be taken away so we had to bury it on the beach. The following week however we had to go back and rebury it following an unrelated police incident at Mwnt in which our seal was strangely partially uncovered  and had police tape put round its flipper. Interesting….

photo 3

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