We’ve had a bit of variety this month with both work and volunteer changes.

We have put in new posts for another 2 gates on the farm at Llanerchaeron and took some gates to Coybal for a contractor who is undertaking some fencing work for Vicky on the Meadows project.

We spent a day at Penbryn, strimming along the roadside and tidying up the car park and removing litter.

One of the large oaks in the woodland the other side of the river at Llanerchaeron decided it had had enough, and split in two. The first half fell right across the path and 2 weeks later the rest of it went the other way into the river. We spent a couple of mornings tidying them up.

I spent a day at Cwm Soden looking at the management plan for the next 5 years with Gwen, Jenny from NRW and Russel from Butterfly Conservation.

It was amazing to see the work that the volunteers have been doing over the winter with scrub clearance to encourage butterfly habitats. So it was only fair that the volunteers could see for themselves too so we spent an afternoon there looking for butterflies and other wildlife. I got to see my first small pearl-bordered fritillary.

We had some archaeologists at Cwm Silio excavating part of a human skeleton that had been found jutting out of the cliff. It was fascinating to see them at work. They will be taking the bones away and hopefully get them carbon dated. We know that they are not recent but will let you know the results when we get them.

We spent 3 more days in the woods at Henllan clearing cherry laurel. The woods are so full of life now it and it was great listening and watching the sounds of spring whilst eating freshly cooked welsh cakes made by my mum!

We spent a couple of days with Vicky on the meadows project putting in a new gate at Rhos Cwmsaeson and fixing some fencing and rails.

We also put in a new fence behind the Geler Jones shed at Llanerchaeron adjacent to the roadside having cleared out all the debris.

And the end of the month saw Tim Pyne our FTV at Ceredigion leave to go to Gower, whilst we welcomed Gordon our FTV from Gower to Ceredigion.

A bit of a job swap really, but it gives them both a chance to see new places and learn new skills. And I still get to see them both. Happy days.

Claire Hannington

Small pearl bordered fritillary

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