I can’t believe April has been and gone, and without many showers which has been rather nice.

We have been continuing putting in new gates and posts on the Llanerchaeron Estate. As soon as one is finished it’s time to move on to the next. This week we have spent 3 afternoons just trying to dig out one old gate post that had broken off at ground level. I’m hoping when I get back to Ceredigion next Tuesday the hole may be a little deeper…

Vicky and the volunteers finished fencing around the spring and tank at Penbryn. We just need to cut off some of the gorse stumps and the contractors to finish the boundary fencing and the site should be good to go with grazing.

During the Easter Holidays we spent a morning at Mwnt litter picking round the site as well as showing a presence and having a chat to people there. It was nice to get out and about on a different site for a change. In the afternoon we went to Penbryn and litter picked the beach, car park and wooded valley. It was a really warm and busy day. We will be doing a bit of work at the car park next week.

For another change of scenery we spent a couple of days in Henllan Woods. Gwen and the volunteers have spent a lot of time over the winter cutting back the ever invasive Cherry Laurel. We had the company of the Gower volunteers for a day as well, as they took up the offer of a day playing in the woods and helping me to clear the cut laurel around the entrance to the site. We tidied up along the path and up the slopes and also started to cut and treat some of the regrowth. We will be spending a bit more time over the next few months continuing with this mammoth task.

Clearing the rhododendron at Henllan Woods

Myself, Vicky and Al held interviews for a new Magnificent Meadows Project trainee, to replace Sarah who left to take up a role at Dinefwr. I’m pleased to announce we had a successful candidate in Rhydian Cox – who had just finished as my FTV (full time volunteer) on Gower. Rhydian will start in his new position on the 11th May.

We have recruited a new volunteer this week, Mandy, who seemed to enjoy her first day. The truth will be revealed if she returns to us next week!

This week we saw Llanerchaeron from a different perspective. From the island in the middle of the Lake. We took the punt out and used it to cross to be able to clear the Rhododendron on the island. We then set up a rope pulley system and used it to haul all the cut material back to land and the bonfire site. The volunteers did an amazing job with only one casualty – poor Sue – someone had to fall in! Cold and wet but she came out laughing.

punting at Llanerchaeron

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend. Hope the weather holds for the Country Fair J

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