A spring surprise

I’m going to start this post with a slightly different introduction.  First, meet Maldwyn our Llanwenog ram, purchased in 2012 to help improve our flock.


Now meet our Mule (cross bred) ewe, fondly known as ‘Donkey’.


Llanwenog sheep are known for being prolific, producing twins the majority of the time.  The mule ewe has also been bred to produce twins, a farmer’s ideal as the ewes can manage to rear two lambs very well indeed without having too much impact on her health and well being.

Now, when we scanned our ewes in January and discovered that Donkey was expecting triplets for the second year running, it was not unexpected due to us crossing two prolific breeds of sheep.  Here at Llanerchaeron, having to rear one of the three as a pet lamb is no problem as we have plenty of visitors and volunteers to help!

On the 24th of March we noticed that Donkey had started to lamb, so knowing that some of the lambs would be needing a little extra attention we kept an eye on her until all three lambs were born, all healthy and an even size.  We then gave them some time together for Donkey to lick her lambs and for them to stand and learn to feed but we came back to a bit of a surprise….there were four!

Quad lambs quadruplets 2

Having quads is a very rare thing, particularly in small flocks like the one we have at Llanerchaeron.  All four are doing very well with Donkey soon going out to grass with two of her lambs and the other two are keeping our visitors entertained with twice daily pet lamb feeds done by the public. If you would like to help us feed our new pet lambs, come along any day during the Easter holidays 28 March – 12 April with feedings at 12pm and 4pm.

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