Spring into Summer

Hello, my name is Hilary and i work with Delyth on the farm.

Spring is well on the way with new young stock, new grass growth and hedges and trees in full leaf.

We had cause for celebration at the beginning of the month as Delyth married Deian Williams here at Llanerchaeron on the Saturday of the May Bank holiday weekend. It was a beautiful (and dry!) may day and Delyth looked stunning.

Meanwhile, back on the farm the last of the Llanwennog ewes has lambed with twins. Fortunately three of our volunteers were on hand to assist as one of the lambs chose to make its debut backwards! At the same time, one of the Welsh blacks had a healthy heifer calf, so it was a full day all round. Nearly all of our cows have now calved and its heartening to see cows and calves as part of the parkland after their winter away.

Two litters of piglets have now been weaned from their mothers. They are fine but their mums thought they would attempt a great escape from their paddocks to go and find them!

Sadly the pet lamb feeding has come to an end as the lambs were getting a bit too big and boisterous. Only two of our incubated ducklings hatched successfully, but they are doing very well and growing rapidly and will soon need a bigger paddling pool. We hope to hatch some more eggs later in the summer. The geese have been laying eggs but as yet have not decided when to sit on them in order to hatch.

As the farming season moves on, we are planning ahead for grass conservation and shutting up fields for hay and silage. We are proud to be a part of the Saving Our Magnificent Meadows Project which will work to improve the management of our species rich grasslands. Click the link for further information about the project.

The next event on the farming calender is shearing on the 26th of May. We hope to make a day of it with a shearing demonstration as well as a visit from the Ceredigion spinners and weavers who will be showing some of the ways wool can be used. I will also be giving butter demonstrations in the dairy from 12pm until 4pm on the 24th, 28th and 31st of May. So come along and join in!

As we move into summer the Jersey cows Soffi, Freida and Gloria will be back again for their holiday and milk will be produced in Llanerchaeron again, if only to feed a fresh crop of calves rather than the inhabitants of the Villa.

If you have any questions about the farm or anything mentioned in this post, please come and visit us in Llanerchaeron, we’re always more than happy to have a chat!

our ducklings will soon need a larger paddling pool!

our ducklings will soon need a larger paddling pool!

our piglets enjoying a hearty breakfast

our piglets enjoying a hearty breakfast

the last of our twin lambs born

the last of our twin lambs born

calf getting a good clean from mum!

one of our calves getting a good clean from mum!


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